Unique color palette

A working wardrobe . . .

What would it be like if you could have a wardrobe where each and every color complemented your look and every outfit was your favorite?

Seems impossible?

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Your personal palette

Color is a huge factor when it comes to being able to effortlessly put together outfits that just work.

You probably know a couple of colors that look great on you, as well as a few colors to stay away from. But it's still hard to wear colors and that's why we often resort to 'safe' colors; mostly neutrals like black, white and jeans.
We have a few pieces that we wear over and over again and the rest of your wardrobe just sits there, taking up valuable real estate in your closet.
The more clothes you buy, the worse the problem becomes, because the number of combinations now grows exponentionally and you don't have time for that in the morning. So you revert back to the same old pieces that you know that work.

Colors can make such a big difference

Burgundy Before....
Quinacridone red After...

Baleena is a Spring Spark

Her colors need to be clear and vivid and have high chroma to bring out her radiance. The deep solid heavyness of the burgundy just doesn't align very well.

Color is a great way to start that change

Hi there, I'm Jitske

My custom color analysis of your skintone through careful observation aided with extensive draping that results in an individualized hand-painted palette, gives the definitive answer on:
What colors look good on you?

When you walk into my studio,

I can't tell on first sight which 'season' you are or what palette will bring out your particular beauty. Traditional 4-season color analysis used to look for clues at hair and eye color and sometimes those were the main indicators.

The field of color analysis has progressed quite a bit

The current 12 season color analysis method is primarily based on skintone and is more discerning. Especially when drapes are used, the chances of mistyping are much smaller.

Clear - Warm


Blended - Cool


Toned - Warm


Cool - Sharp

I was trained and certified in the 12 season method during my training at the Style Coaching Institute™ and later at the Kolibri Image Campus.

However, I felt that a color analyis could be more specific and personal

I then took up training at Color Edge, led by Rochele HC Hirsch , who herself was trained in person by Suzanne Caygill , the founder of the field of Color Analyis in the united States.

My careful matching of your skintone is the basis for your your makeup colors on your palette

My unique approach for a professional Color Analysis gives you straightforward answers on your best colors

With the 12 season method comes extensive draping, giving you the chance to see the effect of over a 70 different hues, tints, tones and shades on your skin for yourself. My trained eye and color vision tell you what to look for. A custom color analysis at my studio offers an immersion in color theory in an easy framework for understanding. You'll never look at colors in the same way again.
The fully customized, live painting of your skintone and the subsequent matching with complementary colors from the draping gives you a palette that is unique and is made only for you.
Apart from what colors to wear, it also includes your best colors for your makeup, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, your-version-of-nude and your best neutrals.


A color analysis is all about you . . .

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. . . what makes you You and how to express that

Finding a color palette that harmonizes with your own personal colors of your skin undertone, hair and eyes is one of the single biggest steps you can take towards a style that is both authentic and powerful.